Jaclyn’s Real Estate Journey

Jaclyn has had great success this year. She received her real estate license 7 years ago and has worked on a part-time basis for the first 5 years. Her busy life as a single mom with her young children and husband who is a fire fighter meant that she understandably needed to prioritize other commitments. She still wanted to be involved in sports and school with her kids, which made being a part- time realtor work the only viable option for her. Despite this, she still managed to close eight last year as a full-time realtor and already closed another six deals within just two months this year. When asked how she pulled off such remarkable results with her full schedule, Jaclyn explains simply: "It's all about having a good team." Caliber Real Estate Group has been her home since receiving her license and there is no indication of Jaclyn moving away any time soon.⁠ ⁠ #homesinorangecounty #TeamCarrieAndCharisse #CaliberRealEstateGroup #OrangeCountyRealEstate #RealEstateJourney


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