Getting to know more about Jenni

Jenni was up to the challenge when she heard real estate could be both easy and flexible. She decided to sit in with the Caliber Real Estate Group and shadow them until she obtained her realtor license. After that, she began straight away with training, closing six properties within the first year and one of them is going into escrow. Despite the trial-and-error period while figuring out how to time block her work in such a demanding industry, Jenni found real estate to be quite fun. Her favorite part of being a realtor for the past three years has been learning all of its aspects. Looking ahead, Jenni hopes to double her results next year and keep striving in order to make connections throughout the community.⁠ ⁠ #homesinorangecounty #TeamCarrieAndCharisse #CaliberRealEstateGroup #OrangeCountyRealEstate #RealEstateJourney

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